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Flame-retardant Thermoplastics

Most plastics are flammable or can be degraded by heat. To meet fire safety requirements and to ensure a certain level of security the use of flame retardants is necessary. This applies in particular for areas such as electrical engineering and electronics, construction, transport, textiles and upholstery.

Today, sustainable flame retardants focus on halogen-free material, in particular in EU-harmonized regions. The challenge in the development of novel flame retardant systems lies in a combination of flame retardancy, processability, mechanical characteristics and price.


For many years now, SKZ has been dealing with issues such as flame retardant plastics. We assist you in the choice of materials and in formulation and process optimization. Additionally, we manufacture standard test specimens and determine flame retardant characteristics according to national and international standards.

Below you can find out more about our activities in this field.