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The properties of plastic parts not only depend on the chemical/molecular structure, but also on the morphology and the internal stresses, that result from processing.

A multitude of factors on the microscopic scale influence the macroscopic properties of plastic parts.

The processing conditions can lead for example to different

  • crystalline structures (degree of crystallinity, crystalline modifications, superstructures),
  • state of orientation (molecular and fibre orientation causing anisotropic properties),
  • and state of residual stresses.

To be able to generate plastic parts with specific property profiles, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the correlations between structure and material properties.

At SKZ we examine such effects and their consequences on the components properties in terms of component specific questions. The aim is to be able to control these effects in order to avoid negative effects or even gain new advantages.


Special issues are:

  • Quantitative determination of residual stresses and residual stress profiles
  • Morphology studies (amorphous or crystalline structures, molecular and fibre orientations, flow lines, impurities, defects, etc.)
  • Investigation of processing effects