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Our Services

We are looking forward to assist you with all your questions concerning lifetime prediction and assessment of part properties for your plastic components.

Through our industry-oriented approach, we provide individually tailored solutions for your specific needs.


Special issues are:

  • Fatigue behaviour under cyclic loading
  • Creep and relaxation behaviour
  • Stress cracking resistance
  • Ageing behaviour (thermo-oxidative ageing, resistance to media, weathering, etc.)
  • Accelerated test methods for lifetime prediction (long-term and ageing behaviour)
  • Quantitative determination of residual stresses
  • Process-structure-property-relationships
  • Simulation of material and component behaviour (plastics/fibre-reinforced plastics)
  • Strength and fatigue analysis by means of FEM simulation

We provide:

  • Support regarding the translation of component requirements (specification sheet) into material requirements
  • Determination of material data for the long-term mechanical design
  • Development of application and product orientated testing concepts for the evaluation of the long-term and ageing behaviour of plastic components
  • Condition assessment of new plastic components or after long-time service
  • Analytical investigations of ageing related property changes
  • Implementation and further development of accelerated test concepts for fast predictions of the long-term and ageing behaviour of plastic parts (methods and models)
  • Evaluation of the influence of processing conditions on the internal structure (morphology, weld lines, anisotropy, …) and on the resulting component properties
  • Development of simple testing concepts for quality monitoring of materials and components
  • Simulation of material and component behaviour with respect to specific operating conditions
  • Determination of material properties and calibration of appropriate material models