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Mechanical behaviour

Mechanical properties are often crucial for the application of plastic products. Therefore, high demands are set on characterisation tests. The mechanical behaviour is much more complicated for plastics than for metals since it strongly depends on temperature and time among others. Phenomenons like creep and relaxation are well-known consequences of these dependencies.

At SKZ we investigate the mechanical properties of plastics using both material and component tests. The deformation and failure behaviour can be examined under various loading conditions (e.g. tension, pressure, bending) and over a wide range of temperature. The time-dependent deformation and failure behaviour is measured by short-term tests as well as by long-term tests. Furthermore, we are able to perform both static (e.g. creep) and dynamic (e.g. impact) tests.

Mechanisches Verhalten

Special issues are:

  • Fatigue behaviour of plastic products under cyclic loading
  • Crack initiation and crack growth
  • Creep and relaxation behaviour under static long-term loading
  • Accelerated determination of the mechanical long-term behaviour
  • Impact behaviour
  • Deformation and failure behaviour under various loading conditions (e.g. tension, pressure, bending)
  • Temperature and processing dependent deformation
  • Non-contact measurement of local deformation fields (Aramis 3D system)
  • Simulation of deformation and strength behaviour of plastic components