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Component Properties

Material and Component Testing

Plastic products with best quality, lifelong

High quality plastic products require a precise conformity of component properties with customer expectations. These properties are unique for each component and result from the combination of factors like material properties (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.), product design, material processing and conditions of use (nature and duration of load, temperature, surrounding media, etc.).

In order to optimize your product in the most efficient way, we aim to make the measurement of component properties more precise, faster and simpler. Our research activities focus on both developing new measuring techniques (especially accelerated or non-destructive tests) and adapting existing ones to new fields of application. The accelerated measurement of long-term properties and ageing behaviour is one of our key activities. We also study structure-property relationships in order to achieve an optimal property profile of the plastic product. In addition to experimental methods for life time prediction our services also include the FEM simulation of deformation, strength and fatigue of plastic components under operating conditions.