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Weißenbacher Str. 86 • 95100 Selb

The European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) is an interdisciplinary research and technology transfer center whose main focus is on the production and characterization of dispersions.The development of the resin is a key focus. In order to offer these services to the industry, a competent team and a wide range of equipment are available at the EZD in modern laboratories.The EZD was established in 2014 at the SKZ site in Selb.

The fields of application of dispersions are, inter alia,Varnishes and coatings, nanocomposites, adhesives and matrices for fiber composite materials.

Thematic Focus:

In the area of formulation, the main focus is on modifying and optimizing functional additives for improved dispersibility and final properties of dispersions:

Synthesis of new functional additives
  • Surface functionalization of particles
  Stabilization of micro- and nano-suspensions

Furthermore we offer you in the field of formulation:

  Nasemic method for particle synthesis and functionalization

  Plasma surface treatment
  Thermal treatment and incineration

Dispersing process
The main focus in the field of dispersing processes is the optimization of dispersing processes as well as the improvement of the dispersing quality:

Top-down procedure
  Energy efficiency improvement of processes
  Upscaling of dispersing processes

Furthermore we offer you in the field of dispersing processes:

  Stirrer / Dissolver
  Stirrer ball mill
  Ultrasonic homogenizers
  Rotor-stator dispersing units
  Medium and high pressure homogenizer
  Three-mill mill
  Laboratory kneader

In the field of analytics, the main focus is on the characterization of particles and dispersions using modern analytical methods.Furthermore, we are developing new practical methods for the rapid and, where appropriate, destruction-free characterization of dispersions.

Our focus is on the investigation of:

Particle size and shape
  Dispersion stability
  Dispersing grade
  Chemical composition
  Thermal, rheological and mechanical properties

For this purpose, a large number of modern devices are available in the EZD.

Education and knowledge transfer
In addition to research and development, the European Center for Dispersion Technologies also focuses on further education and the transfer of knowledge.

At the EZD, competent and neutral training courses for employees are held, as well as a bundled exchange of experience on topics relating to dispersal.

Services of the EZD
Individual advice
  Conduct market searches
  Product development
  Process optimization
  Analytical services
  Education and knowledge transfer

At the European Center for Dispersion Technologies you will find a wide range of equipment and a competent, interdisciplinary team at your disposal in three modern laboratories.

We will be pleased to advise you and check your request individually!

The Center is funded by the SKZ - The Plastics Center and the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and supported by the Bavarian Cluster Nanotechnology.

Improvements in the dispersing of various substances systems are essential for a number of industrial partners, who also support the EZD financially. In addition, the competences of the EZD are further developed by a close exchange of experience with the application laboratories of equipment manufacturers.

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