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Partnership with SKZ

To monitor processes – to rise efficiency Today certificated management systems are the best base to continue and to develop business relations or even to create new business relations. Certification establishes business confidence and this gets more and more important, because in times of critical periods and increasing globalization a strong confidence in a relationship is a major factor of success. That companies, that professionally monitor and optimise their processes are mostly more successful in managing crises. During monitoring and optimisation of internal processes it is difficult for the own stuff to realize their own problems. Even their own auditors are not able to be objective. Right here is the advantage of an external auditing. Our auditors are qualified to evaluate your management processes and production. After this audit your company will certainly be more competitive on the market.

Branch of trade - certification body SKZ-Cert GmbH For more than 15 years SKZ has successfully offered the service of certifying management systems to the plastic and mould making industry. Meanwhile in more than 16 countries all over the world, certificates document the high quality standard of these companies. In the field of certification of management systems SKZ has achieved a lot of success by practice-oriented auditing. Actually, the audits are executed up to 90 % by our own auditors. SKZ-network enables to our auditors have always the newest technology, research and development activities (R&D) or testing equipment. On the occasion of our regular customer conferences we get al lot of positive feedback and evaluate our customer satisfaction.

SKZ-Cert GmbH gets accreditation from the DAkkS! For quite a long time main focus on quality management according to ISO 9001 has been spread to environmental management according to ISO 14001 and job safety management according to BS OHSAS 18001. For these certifications SKZ, represented by SKZ-Cert GmbH, has been awarded own accreditations by DAkkS. DAkkS is a department of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and responsible for placing and maintaining accreditations. Based on this accreditation, reputed certification bodies ensure a quality of their certification service according to uniform regulations. Therefore certificates issued by other certification bodies can be compared to other certification bodies. To verify a constant level of quality of a certification body, it is audited every year in so called witness audits by auditors from DAkkS. Witness audits are aimed at observing the methodical implementation of certification processes and to test the quality of auditors at site.

We are pleased to inform you that our qualified service was confirmed to be excellent within these regular audits.