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FW 605

Bushing assembly

Long-distance energy pipelines require a functionality for a long period of time. The bushing,  a connecting element between two jacket pipes, is the most important part of the plastic pipe system. Consequently quality of bushing assembly shall be particularly ensured. Users of long-distance energy pipelines have a special task to inspect quality.

The quality of assembling a bushing between plastic jacket pipes to create a flexible pipe system is decisive for a long lifetime and an efficient energy system. For years statistics revealed that a lot of damages had been caused by an inadequate execution of bushing assemblies. This may require additional work at site or even result in an interruption of energy supply. Underground energy pipelines require considerable repair work to achieve normal conditions again.

Usual directives require that work shall be performed by qualified companies which are able to provide services specified in tenders and prove their ability. A certificate according to FW 605 is often required in tenders of energy suppliers.

 Update version: FW605:2003