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注塑操作技术 · Injection Molding Operation Technology

现代化的、复杂的注塑机及相关设备对其操作人员提出了掌握足够知识的高要求。企业应确保员工具 有最佳的资质进行注塑机的调试和操作。 学员不仅获得实践经验,而且还将学习到技术和材料学。所有这些都将增强学员对操作机器的正确理解及保证安全生产。由我们长年的经验得知,这也将延长贵重的 机器和模具使用寿命。而且:优秀的、有资质的员工将增强您企业的竞争力。

Modern, complex injection molding machines and the corresponding tools require sound knowledge. Companies should make sure that their employees receive the best possible qualifications for the setting of injection molding machines. Not only do the participants receive practical experience but also sound information on technology and material science. All this improves their understanding of work on machines which ultimately enhances safety. Our experience has shown that this also prolongs the lifespan of expensive machines and tools. And: Excellently trained workers give your company an edge on competition.


目 标群

Target group
Employees of injection molding companies interested in receiving sound knowledge in the fitting of injection molding machines resp. those who want to consolidate their knowledge.


· Injection Molding Defects


· Systematic Sampling (DOE)


PE · Welding and laying of PE pipes for gas and water pipelines


Welding for semi-finished products for the industrial apparatus and plant construction