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我们大部分的专业研讨会和活动都是高水平的。更新和扩展基础知识,掌握最新的趋势和发展的信息,以及构造一个有吸引力的氛围是教育要点的重中之重。 主题的范围是模块基础化,为不同的受益群体量身定做。我们专注于以下主题:




Our most seminars and events for professionals are on a high level. Refreshing and broadening basic knowledge, information on the latest trends and developments as well as networking In an attractive atmosphere are the top priority of this education offer. The range of topics are modular based and tailored to various interest groups. We focus on following topics:

industrial applications | management topics |
process technology tooling | materials

The topics are being regularly updated and repeated if the relevancy still persist. The number of seminar participants is limited to ensure the most effective exchange of information and experience.


Most of our seminars are in german language.
For more information please visit our german website.