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专业的教育和广博的知识是个人和企业成就未来的决定性因素。 在不断发展变化的社会中为实现长期成功必须更新现有的知识,不断适应新的境况


我们的主题范围随着行业本身变化而变化, 为专业人员在材料、工艺和模具技术、应用及发展创新方面提供专业的信息,在日常生活中为您提供专业的培训深造机会,引入新的思维和知识到您的企业。



Professional training and comprehensive knowledge are individual and company key factors for a successful future. To achieve longstanding success in the dynamic concurrency It Is necessary to refresh available knowledge and to adapt it constantly to new conditions.

Due to the outstanding quality of conferences numerous events have developed Into Important meeting points and have become an Integral part of the Information and education policy within many companies. Not least because of the Interplay of well-known speakers, attractive accompanying programme and personal mentoring SKZ events are highly appreciated in every respect.

Our range of topics is as varied as the industry itself. Events for professionals with the information on materials, process and tool engineering, applications as well as trends and innovations offer you the opportunity to specialized education within your branch useful in daily work and to introduce new ideas and knowledge into your company.


Most of our conferences are in german language.
For more information please visit our german website.