Fire Tests

Fire tests serve to classify the flammability of plastics and determine the burn rate of components, particularly in the automobile, electrical and building industry.

We conduct various fire tests in accordance with national and international standards: in our fire chambers according to UL 94 and DIN 4102-B2 as well as in the fire cabinet according to DIN 75200.

Test methods with 50-W-test flame horizontal and vertical:

UL 94
ASTM D 635
DIN EN 60695-11-10

Test methods for application of flame to the edge and to a flat surface

DIN 4104-1 (only flammability classification B2)
DIN 53483-2
DIN 53483-3
DIN EN ISO 11925-2

Test methods for motor vehicles, machines for agriculture and forestry

DIN 75200
FMVSS 302 / CMVSS 302
DBL 5307
TL 1010
GS 97038
Volvo Standard STD 104-0001
ISO 3795
PV 3343
95/28/EG (only annex IV)

Test methods with the glowing wire

DIN EN ISO 60695-2-11
DIN EN ISO 60695-2-12
DIN EN ISO 60695-2-13

Test methods with the incandescent bar

DIN VDE 0304-3
DIN 53459

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