Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) are composites which can be processed thermoplastically. They consist of different fractions of wood, plastics and additives and can be processed by means of thermoplastic moulding processes, such as for example extrusion, injection moulding or compression moulding.

As far as this relatively new material class is concerned quality assurance plays a central role when it comes to the market introduction of newly developed products, not least in order to create customer confidence. This is particularly important if materials are to be substituted which have been firmly established on the market for a long time. An example for this case is terrace flooring made of WPC.

Moreover, standardisation in the field of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) is in the early stages. As a rule, existing plastics and wood standards cannot be applied directly and do not consider the special characteristics of WPC.

We test, inter alia, in accordance with the following standards:

  • Tests in accordance with the quality and testing regulations of Qualitätsgemeinschaft Holzwerkstoffe e. V. (quality association for wood-based panels) for gaining the quality mark for terrace decks (initial type testing and third-party inspection)
  • Tests in accordance with DIN EN 15534
  • Tests in accordance with ÖNorm B3031; ÖNorm B3032
  • Preparation and performance of test programmes for national technical approvals for statically relevant applications

The tests comprise for example:

  • Testing of material properties,
    e.g. mechanical and thermal properties, durability (resistance) tests
  • Testing of product properties,
    e.g. water absorption, flexural behaviour, impact strength, long-term performance, skid resistance, chemical resistance, weathering resistance, temperature behaviour

WPC - Stoßfestigkeit

Testing on impact strength

WPC - Biegeversuch

Flexural behaviour

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