Moulded Parts

In the area of moulded parts, type tests are conducted in accordance with existing guidelines. For the majority of these products, also quality assurance plays a central role.

Furthermore, it is possible to prepare individual test programmes for products which have not been standardized yet.

Examples of products tested within this area are containers for waste and recycling materials, transport containers of the automobile industry, bottle crates, gratings, wheels for mobile containers, ....

The rules and standards in accordance with which we test include e.g.:

  • DIN EN 840-1 to -6 „Mobile waste containers“
  • RAL-GZ 951/1 „Waste and recycling material containers made of plastic“
  • VDA 4500 „KLT container system“
  • SKZ specifications for tests and inspection e.g. for gratings

The tests comprise among other things:

  • testing of material characteristics,
    e.g. mechanical and thermal properties, resistance tests
  • testing of product characteristics,
    e.g. drop tests, crash behaviour, impact resistance, thermal resistance, compressive strength (short and long-term), chemical resistance

Formteile - Falltest
Drop test

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