As a notified inspection body, we perform suitability tests on sealants for you in accordance with German, European and international test specifications. We can also implement individual tests already during the development phase. Thus, we can assist you by testing for example ageing resistance, chemical resistance or adhesion/cohesion properties in order to ensure the quality of the products also in the long term.

Numerous standards, such as the DIN 18540 and national technical approvals, stipulate the regular external monitoring of the factory production control and product quality. In cases in which the inspection scope is not stipulated, additional monitoring by our inspection body tailored to your requirements helps to maintain a consistently high product quality.

This area comprises:

Joint sealants for construction and glazing joints, such as for example silicone sealants, acrylate sealants and polyurethane sealants.

Joint sealants for sealing in plants for the handling of water polluting liquids and for the sealing of sewage pipes. They include one and two-component polyurethane and polysulphide sealants.

The test specifications include:

  • DIN 18540, DIN 18545-2
  • DIN EN ISO 11600 (types F and G)
  • DIN EN 15651-1 ff. Sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways
  • Within the scope of national technical approvals the relevant principles for approval, e.g.
    joint sealing systems in facilities made of concrete for the containment, filling and re-filling of water hazardous materials, facilities for the containment and filling of liquid manure, slurry and silage leachate, waste water systems

In our laboratory we conduct for example the following individual tests for assessment and classification:

  • adhesion/cohesion properties,
  • tensile strength,
  • loss of volume and mass,
  • elastic recovery,
  • resistance to flow,
  • processability,
  • weather resistance.

The sealants are either stored in a variety of storing liquids before they are tested or they are tested under different climatic conditions as it is appropriate according to the specifications of the test standards and regulations.

Certification / evaluation for conformity / CE-marking

As far as joint sealing profiles are concerned, in our capacity as authorized body we perform initial testing, inspection, evaluation and approval of the factory production control (FPC).Our certification body issues a conformity certificate.

List of the certificates of factory production control of joint sealing profiles in facilities for the handling of water polluting liquids

Dichtstoffe - Silikon unter konstanter DehnungDichtstoffe - Scherbeanspruchung bei niedriger Temperatur
Silicone under constant strainShear stress at low temperature


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