Dispersion Technologies

European Centre for Dispersion Technologies

Modern materials are made up of different constituents. Is it not possible to dissolve these materials in each other- as is the case with most technical materials, one speaks of dispersion. Dispersions are used in a variety of applications, such as paints and coatings, nano-composities, adhesives and matrices for fibre-reinforced plastic.

The European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) was founded in the year 2014 at the SKZ-site in Selb and engages in the production and characterisation of dispersions. The main focus is on the production of resin. To be able to provide these services for local industries, the EZD has a competent team and a variety of different machinery in modern laboratories at its disposal.

You are welcome to inform yourself about the activities and services offered by the European Center for Dispersion technologies.

Further information are available at: www.ezd.eu

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