ISO 14001:2009

Environmental management

This standard is accepted worldwide and determines the introduction of an effective environ­mental management system in your company. Environmental aspects are considered voluntarily to take political and economical decisions in order to reduce environmental cones­quences significantly. Reducing costs result in advantageous competition. Economic and sustained aspects do not act against each other but shall be balanced. By introducing ISO 14001 you can show to customers, staff and share holders that you feel responsible for environment. 

A new certification to this standard is no longer carried out in 2017 by the SKZ - Cert GmbH . The transition period for existing customers is 3 years. That means existing certificates must be converted to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 until September 2018 . The SKZ Cert recommends a conversion to the new standard within the recertification.

It is also possible convert within the monitoring process.

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